Government: We Stood on Right Side of History

At the Forum, 100 days since the mandate of the new Government, the achievements in the international policy in terms of our European integration and in the defence strategy against the current security challenges with the war in Ukraine were presented. Asked Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani whether in the context of the veto by the Republic of Bulgaria, which according to public expectations should be resolved during the French EU presidency, the Government is considering putting the negotiations with the EU on hold if there is no solution in June and what are the further prospects, Osmani said that EU membership is a consensually determined strategic goal of the country and that efforts will continue to find ways to overcome obstacles and achieve the goal. Minister of Defence Slavjanka Petrovska, when asked what is the significance of North Macedonia’s NATO membership for the stability of the country and internationally, in conditions of military aggression and humanitarian crisis in Europe, said that it is clear to everyone that in this situation no country could not adequately respond on its own.