Gov’t: Mijalkov Apprehended Thanks to Adequate Response by Institutions

Governmental Spokesperson Dusko Arsovski said at a press conference in the government that institutions of the state took all necessary measures to locate and apprehend former Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration Director Saso Mijalkov, and that their actions in the end turned successful. “The activities and coordination conducted by the institutions of the state, like the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime and the Criminal Court, resulted with Mijalkov turning himself in. Justice has been secured and served, and we shall no longer be tolerant towards events and people that damage the trust in the functionality in the system,” Arsovski said. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said in an interview for online talk show “Morning Briefing” that according to information MoI possesses, Mijalkov never left the country. “An investigation was started to determine if information was leaked to Mijalkov from within the state institutions in order to prompt him to attempt escape, and if this turns out to be so, there will be not only moral responsibility, but criminal as well. I also responsibly claim that absolutely no one from the government conducted any kind of negotiations with Mijalkov to allow him to escape,” Spasovski said.