Greek Foreign Ministry: We Hope Our Neighbours Respects Prespa Agreement

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects Macedonia to stick to the Prespa Agreement and implement it properly. This statement follows the insisting of VMRO-DPMNE leader Mickoski for the state name on the new IDs to remain “Republic of Macedonia” without the adjective “North”. “We do not want to comment on statements made by the opposition there. However, we hope and we expect that the other side will stick to the Prespa Agreement and doo all in their power to implement it properly,” said Spokesperson of the Greek Foreign Ministry Alexandros Papaioannou. In meantime, PM Zoran Zaev stated that the introduction of an ethnicity graph in the IDs will not violate the Prespa Agreement. “The Agreement confirms the ethnic identity of Macedonians living in our country, so I see no problem with the inclusion of the ethnicity graph in the IDs, since the citizenship will remain “Macedonian/Citizen of Republic of North Macedonia”, just like determined in the Prespa Agreement,” Zaev said.