Group of Parents Starts to Collect Signatures to Stop Vote on Textbooks Law

A group of parents have started to collect signatures to stop the vote on the law on textbooks, which concern digitalisation of education. They need at least 100 signatures for the demand to enter Parliament. In their view, there must be a public debate on the changes and direct participation of experts and representatives of the group in revision and interventions to the text. They staged a protest outside the Education Ministry on Wednesday. Also, they’ve formed a Facebook group, which now has around 70,000 members.  The parents stressed that they would boycott the education process if the Ministry ignored the demands. Part of students from several secondary school students boycotted classes the same day. However, the Association of Secondary School Students distanced itself, saying it wasn’t the organiser. The Minister, Mila Carovska, said parents and children were “party-instructed”.