Grubi: EU Supporters Should Come to Parliamentary Majority

Lawmakers who want to see the country in the EU should come to a parliamentary majority,” First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations Artan Grubi said. “The situation is stable, Macedonia is safe, Macedonia’s path to the European Union is guaranteed and I am convinced that the MPs who saw that they were misled will come to the parliamentary majority. The government is stable,” said Grubi, before the opening of the third edition of the cultural-scientific event “Days of the Alphabet”. Answering journalists’ questions, Grubi said that Levica was the one that put pressure on MPs not to express their will. Grubi, as he said, hopes that the MPs will no longer be pressured and that they will let them vote according to their convictions. He stressed that they are in communication with all parties, except Levica, with which they have no contacts and will not have any.