Grubi: Government Talking to Opposition MPs over Constitutional Changes

The government is talking to opposition MPs over the constitutional changes to include Bulgarians in the Constitution in exchange for a start of EU negotiations. That is the conclusion from the answer of the Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, Artan Grubi, who also serves as First Deputy PM, who said on Thursday the talks were instilling confidence. “I am an absolute optimist. We have support from all pro-European forces regarding the European path and constitutional changes. We still speak Macedonian, I speak Macedonian, nobody assimilated and Bulgarised us, that was fake news. Just like the Tirana platform was fake news, that everyone will have to be learning Albanian. The reality is that the Macedonian language is official and will be official in the EU. Our everyday contacts, with opposition MPs, are instilling confidence in us that they will support the constitutional changes,” Grubi stated.