Grubi on Issue of Government Changes and DUI Fire Group Issue

According to Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, Artan Grubi, who also serves as First Deputy PM, there will surely be a change in the frames of the Government as a result of Goran Milevski’s resignation and LDP’s proposal for him to be succeeded as Local Self-Government Minister by Risto Penov. As he pointed out on Monday, regarding any other changes, it remains for the party leaders to decide. “There is a party president, party organs, that make the decisions,” Grubi, who is a member of DUI, said during a visit to Struga. Commenting on the meeting of Blerim Bexheti and Izet Mexhiti, who are part of the so-called Fire Group of DUI, with independent MP Kastriot Rexhepi, and asked whether there was a possibility of the parliamentary majority being lost, Grubi stated that the country needed a stable parliamentary majority and responsibility from everyone that should contribute to the achievement of the EU membership goals. Rexhepi will join DUI’s Parliamentary Group, DUI’s Izet Mexheti, who’s part of the Fire Group, said.