Grubi: Ruling Partners without Doubt over Majority and against Zaev’s Decision

After the meeting of the coalition partners from the ruling majority on Monday, DUI’s Artan Grubi stated that everybody who had participated didn’t have a single doubt regarding the parliamentary majority. Grubi, Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, who also serves as First Deputy PM, stated that everyone was also against Zoran Zaev’s announced resignation.  According to him, everybody believes the decision on resignation was rash, while Zaev should continue to head the Government and policies because that’s what citizens expect. As he added, his party’s leader, Ali Ahmeti, didn’t attend the meeting because he was in Kicevo, celebrating Fatmir Dehari’s victory in the mayoral race. Grubi’s stand is that only the current government can solve the dispute with Sofia and open negotiations with the EU, as well as to foster interethnic relations. BESA’s Arjanit Hoxha, who is the Agriculture Minister, stated that the majority was stable. In his view, any processes that would lead to early elections would be very difficult and problematic for the economic situation, as well as for the social and security state of affairs.