Gruevski: Citizens must keep on struggling for Protection of Macedonian Identity

The former PM of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski, who was Granted political asylum by Hungary after fleeing Macedonia to avoid serving a prison sentence, congratulated Macedonia on signing the Protocol for Accession in NATO. In a Facebook status, Gruevski commented on all related events before the Protocol signing. “The puppet government installed by the West two years ago destroyed the concept for a reasonable compromise for a fair solution of the name issue. Greece got literally everything it demanded. This was a bingo that Greece could not allow itself to miss. We lost our name, identity, language, history, culture; we have a newly created country with identity all citizens feel foreign. Many people in Macedonia are deeply disappointed, for they feel everything they worked so hard to preserve and elevate is now gone forever. However, the struggle for resolving the Macedonian issue once and for all does not stop here. We managed to raise the awareness of almost every single Macedonian citizen about the meaning of the country’s name and identity, via numerous political activities, economic progress, sport and cultural promotions etc. Macedonia indeed deserves its place in NATO and EU, but not in the way SDSM and Zaev pictured it; with change of the name and defilation of the sacred Macedonian identity,” Gruevski wrote on Facebook.