Gruevski will be Brought back to Macedonia, Zaev says in Interview with 360°

In Friday’s interview with the Alsat-M TV show 360°, PM Zoran Zaev said former PM Nikola Gruevski would be brought back to Macedonia. In that regard, he pointed to the example of former Croatian PM Ivo Sanader. According to Zaev, if accountability is determined for anyone, including himself, they will be held accountable. “However, we cannot dismiss people because the public is angry,” the PM stressed, adding that Hungary should say whether the former PM had been kidnapped or entered the vehicle voluntarily. Regarding the 27 April 2017 attacks in Parliament, Zaev stated that there could be reconciliation only for those who hadn’t participated in the acts of violence. “I have no problem with us doing the reconciliation through everyone that didn’t participate in the violence and weren’t part of the organisers inside. That can be an amnesty law, adoption of a decision of Parliament within the frameworks of its competencies. That is not interference in the judiciary,” the PM noted, adding that Parliament had own competencies.