Health Minister Filipce Holds Sunday Press Conference

Certificates for people with chronic illnesses that were previously issued by specialist physicians and with which they were obliged to stay at home, can now be issued by the primary care physicians as well,” announced Health Minister Venko Filipce. “If at this point any confirmation of chronic diseases and chronic therapy of patients who have previously received specialist care expires, now they can turn to their primary care physician for renewal. With this we believe that the functioning in this area will be significantly made easier,” said Filipce. Asked about the appeal which is being spreading on social networks about the identity of people with coronavirus, Filipce said they had discussed limiting their identity information and added that at one point the interest was really high. The Health Minister also reported that there are sufficient number of coronavirus tests in the country and that from Monday onward there will be 14 testing points placed throughout the country that will start work. Currently it is known that there will be such points at the Policlinics “Cair” and “Jane Sandanski” in Skopje, while the locations of the other points will be announced later.