Health Ministry: Vaccination is Best Way to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

The Health Ministry came out with an announcement in relation to the newest anti-COVID-19 restrictions the government adopted on Saturday, after the numbers of new and active COVID-19 cases started to increase rapidly over the past week. “So far in the country we have detected 30 cases of COVID-19 with the Delta variant, which makes the immunisation even more crucial. The citizens need to demonstrate high discipline and responsibility, and accept vaccination against COVID-19, so that we avoid introduction of even stricter measures like closing of businesses and curfews. Vaccination certificates are not a novelty that we are pioneering, they are already in use in many countries in Europe and the rest of the world. The Health Ministry assures all citizens that all COVID-19 vaccines available in our country are safe for application, and they protect the people from complications and death from COVID-19,” the Health Ministry informs. From the Independent Chamber of Catering Businesses and from the State Market Inspectorate they state that they still do not know how to implement and enforce the new measure, according to which citizens are to provide vaccination certificates before entering public objects like restaurants and cafés if there are more than 30 people inside.