Hearings over Two SPO cases Continue

Thursday’s hearing over the case concerning the 2013 violence in the Municipality of Centar ended after just one witness, New Alternative Councillor Nikola Gjeorgjievski, had testified. Lawyer Boro Tasevski, after the end of the hearing, complained of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s stand, presented on Wednesday, that the Criminal Court should increase the dynamism of hearings over cases run by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO). As he added, it’s not possible for the lawyers in the cases to get ready for the hearings that are scheduled from day to day. According to the lawyer, not only Janeva’s demand is not justified, but also it aims to violate the rights of both defendants and lawyers in the SPO cases. The trial over the case will continue on 17 September. The separated procedure against Gordana Jankuloska for the Tank case, run by the SPO, too, continued on Thursday, too. Seven witnesses testified that were in some way involved in the public procurement of the luxurious Mercedes. Judge Dobrila Kacarska said the next hearing, scheduled for 4 September, would see another six witnesses testifying.

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