Hospital Fire: Prosecutor’s Office Refute Allegations in IRL Documentary

The Public Prosecutor’s Office and team of public prosecutors that worked on the case related to the 2021 Tetovo hospital fire have refuted the allegations in the Investigative Reporting Laboratory’s (IRL) documentary concerning the course of the investigation.

As the Office said on Monday, with an obvious goal of unfounded discrediting and without any real interest to present the truth, there is conscious severe manipulation in the documentary.

“The allegations that the German experts’ expertise was not at all presented as evidence in the court proceedings are absolutely false,” the Office pointed out. As it also stated, the hearings over the case were open to the public, so presenting “such non-truths” is fully tendentious.

The Basic Public Prosecutor of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Tetovo denied he had rejected an interview for the documentary using the explanation that the Chief Public Prosecutor hadn’t allowed him to do that. IRL journalists were enabled multiple briefings with different public prosecutors, the Office noted, adding that they had also been offered to send all questions over the case in writing.

Such questions hadn’t been sent before the broadcast of the documentary, it was noted, inter alia, by the Office.