Hungarian opposition with Open Letter on Gruevski’s Asylum

The leaders of the political parties which are part of the Hungarian opposition sent an open letter to the Hungarian government, parliament and other institutions concerning the political asylum granted to former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski by the Hungarian authorities. “This entire issue is an international shame for Hungary. It is unacceptable for the citizens of Hungary to find out from foreign media that our government granted asylum to a criminal for whom there is an international arrest warrant. We demonstrate our protest because the government does not allow this issue to be discussed in the parliament and in the other commissions and bodies authorised for issues like this one. We would also like to distant ourselves from Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and his government, which allowed a criminal to enter Hungary, and thus enter the EU and freely roam around,” writes the letter, signed by Bertalan Toth, Timea Szabo and Ferenc Gyurcsany.