Initiatives in Constitutional Court Against Xhaferi Has No Legal Force

Judge Naser Ajdari, in his speech at the session of the Constitutional Court, pointed out that the initiatives for the election of Talat Xhaferi as President of Parlaiment in May 2017 have no character of regulation in terms of constitutional provision and cannot be subject to constitutional court assessment. The report on this case proposes that the initiatives be rejected because they have no legal force. However, given the current number of constitutional judges, the proposal did not receive a majority of votes from the constitutional judges. “From the content of the disputed decision it follows that it is a specific election of the President of Parlaiment of RNM which is a decision which by its nature and content is a specific individual act, it is not a signature, there is no basis for constitutional court assessment and its constitutionality and legality,” said Constitutional Judge Ajdari.