Inspection at Psychiatric Hospital After Video with Assault on Patient

The State Sanitary and Healthcare Inspectorate (SSHI) conducted an urgent control at the
Bardovci Psychiatric Hospital in Skopje, after a video surfaced on social networks of a group
of patients beating up a new patient, claiming that the physical assault is a sort of “initiation
ritual” for new patients that are admitted to the clinic. Director of the hospital Muhsin Arifi
wrote on Facebook that he is familiar with the case, and that he and his team are taking all
necessary measures to resolve it and sanction the perpetrators. In meantime, it was revealed
that the video was recorded and published by Dimitar Spasov, a man from Stip who in 2012
was found guilty and sentenced for killing his own mother and dumping her body in a trash
container, and admitting his crimes in a Facebook post.