Integration road Discussed at Plenary session of National Convention on EU

According to President Stevo Pendarovski, it’s already certain that Macedonia will join NATO and start EU membership negotiations. “Therefore, we need to show results in the fight against corruption,” he said on Wednesday, during 3rd plenary session of the National Convention on the EU. In that regard, the President said the outcome of the Racketeering case would be key to the legal state. Former MEP Eduard Kukan said he expected October to see Macedonia get positive news from Brussels. However, he warned that there shouldn’t be celebrations because a lot of work would lie ahead. The Deputy PM for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani, expects Macedonia to start the negotiations. However, he said the decision by both France and the Netherlands was still being awaited. “There is a misunderstanding in France or the EU that we’re trying to become a member already tomorrow. The negotiations process is long,” Osmani stated, adding that it could last almost a decade. According to the Deputy PM, what Macedonia wants is to join an irreversible process of negotiations. FM Nikola Poposki, who chairs the National European Integration Council, stated that changes in Macedonia had to start. In his view, though the requirements regarding changes to laws are met, they are not implemented. Poposki criticised the authorities because, in his view, the EU negotiating structure is fully closed and the opposition isn’t part of it.