Interior Minister Spasovski Briefing about Tabanvce Operation

A commander, a deputy commander, a shift head, and six police officers were arrested last night at Tabanovce Border-Crossing. They are suspected of bribery and abuse of official position, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski confirmed at a briefing on Monday. Searches were conducted both in the workplace of the suspects and in their homes, the Minister noted. “Fighting corruption is a strategic goal,” Spasovski noted. According to the Minister, one of the goals is strengthening police officer integrity. “Nine persons were detained yesterday. The work on this has was done by the Organised Crime Prevention Department,” Spasovski noted. If it is found that other employees were part of the activities, it’s possible for the investigation to be expended. Some media, citing own sources, have said the police officers found, inter alia, a card box in which there was a bigger amount of money (denars, Swiss francs, US dollars, liras), but that hasn’t been officially confirmed. Sitel TV reported at around 7 pm that the nine persons were expected to be taken before a judge in previous procedure, who would need to decide on the measures that would be sought by the Prosecutor’s Office.