Interior Minister Spasovski comments on Several topics

“All Interior Ministry employees will be covered by the vetting process. Their professional education, integrity, asset declaration and potential criminal activities by certain structures at the Interior Ministry will be being checked,” Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said at Monday’s tribune on vetting. As he added, the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office should be interested in vetting in order to strengthen professionalism and the integrity of building a system that will function in protecting the country and its citizens and that will be a system which will depend neither on politics nor on politicians, but rather one which will protect the legal state and create opportunities for development. Asked whether he was familiarised with the existence of double agents at the Ministry, Spasovski stated that the vetting process had already started at the Security and Counter-Intelligence Directorate. Answering a journalist’s question whether he, in the capacity of Deputy PM, had known if Government Sec Gen Dragi Raskovski had been put under obligation in order to get involved in the M-NAV tender system and whether an official note existed about that, Spasovski stated that he currently didn’t know whether there was any conclusion and obligation. “I know that the latest session of the Government saw us talk about the field of the report on the incident that took place at M-NAV. Proper conclusions were adopted, on which there should be action. Within the frameworks of that, all these issues should be settled,” he stressed, adding that information about that should be provided in a timely fashion.