Interior Minister Spasovski to be Caretaker PM in Technical Government

The central and the executive board of SDSM held a meeting on Friday evening, in which it reached a decision to suggest Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski as the Caretaker PM in the technical government which is to start functioning on 3 January 2020. According to the Przino Agreement, a technical government is appointed 100 days before a snap election is held, and the PM incumbent resigns from their position. SDSM also decided to appoint Mila Carovska as a new Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, Slavjanka Petrovska as Deputy Minister of Interior and Sanela Skrijejlj as Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy. “We want to keep democratic processes around the election running smoothly, but we also need to keep on working on reforms and implementation of legal resolutions and measures for the good of the citizens. With our choices, SDSM only confirms the dedication towards the citizens and the prosperity of the country, and we are sure we will win the upcoming election,” said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. The PM incumbent also said that he will for sure withdraw from his position on 3 January, after previously warning that if fundamental laws are not passed in Parliament he will not resign. “We gave our word, and the opposition kept its word too. Fundamental laws were adopted by the Parliament of North Macedonia with a consensus between the government and the opposition. We are still to resolve the issue about changes to the Electoral Code and merging the 6 electoral districts into one. We have time for this issue till 12 February, when the Parliament is to dissolve for the upcoming election,” Zaev said.