Interior Ministry Explains Situation During Sunday’s Protest

24 people involved in Sunday’s protest outside Parliament ended up in Skopje’s clinics without serious injuries. 12 people with breathing problems due to the tear gas were admitted to St. Naum of Ohrid University Clinic of Surgical Diseases. After the examination, they were released. Another 12 ended up in the Emergency Centre with lighter injuries. Only two had leg cuts and ended up in the Plastic Surgery Clinic. Eight of the 12 people in the Emergency Centre are police officers, while four are civilians, one of whom is a journalist. As the Interior Ministry explained in Monday’s press-release, 26 people were detained during the protest. The unrests started around 9:30 pm, when around 50 protesters headed to Macedonia Square and stormed two catering facilities, where they were breaking things and threw tear gas at the guests. Near the Holiday Inn, a van was set on fire. The situation escalated when they tore down the fence and the police therefore had to take measures. The Ministry published two videos of the protests.

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