IPSOS Poll: VMRO-DPMNE Would Win Next Election

A poll conducted by the IPSOS for the necessities of VMRO-DPMNE reveals that the party would win the next parliamentary election. According to the results from the poll conducted between 1 and 18 July upon 1,014 interviewees, if only single parties and not alliances would be in the running on the next parliamentary election, 19.7% would support VMRO-DPMNE, 9.5% would support SDSM, 6.2% DUI, 5.9% Levica, 2.8% the Alliance for Albanians (AA), 4.2% would vote for other parties, 22.5 said they have not yet decided who they will vote for, 12.2% said they would not vote at all, while 17% refused to answer. Asked whether they support the French proposal for the EU integration of the country, 58% said they do not support it, opposing to 26% which voice support for it.