Janakieski Confirms His Phone Talk with Gruevski in TNT Case is Real

Former Transport Minister and defendant in the TNT case Mile Janakieski presented his defence on Tuesday at the newest hearing over the case. In his statements, Janakieski confirmed that his conversations with former PM and defendant Nikola Gruevski about the demolition of the Cosmos complex of businessman Fijat Canoski, that were published by the then opposition in the beginning of 2015 under the label “bombs”, are in fact authentic and real, unlike the claims of VMRO-DPMNE in several previous occasions that the recordings of the conversations are pre-edited and rigged. In this case, Janakieski, Gruevski and several other former state officials and VMRO-DPMNE members are accused of abuse of official position and other illegal activities for demolition of the Cosmos complex.