Janeva Enters Home Detention, Ruskovska to Investigate Responsible Judges

On Wednesday, around 17:20 hours, former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva was released from prison and sent to home detention at her son’s apartment in the Skopje City Centre. Janeva was placed in home detention after the Skopje Appellation Court accepted the complaint by the former prosecutor. VMRO-DPMNE immediately reacted to this decision, releasing a press-release where they blame the so-called Kacarska judiciary and Ruskovska prosecution for the way the investigation into the “Racket” case is being lead. VMRO-DPMNE also blames Zaev for masterminding the events around the case and reminds of the long periods where evidence could be tempered. On the other hand, Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska, in a separate press-release announced financial investigation into the judges who brought the decision for Janeva’s house arrest.