Jovanovski with Closing Remarks at International Alliance Trial

After almost two years, the trial of the International Alliance case case is over. After the other defendants, Bojan Jovanovski gave the final word and asked for a verdict of acquittal. “Let’s be serious, because this is a matter of human destiny and not a kilo of eggplants that we might buy. No one can believe the thesis that Bojan Jovanovski managed to outwit, deceive, bring them into such a serious delusion, especially politicians and especially people like Siljan Micevski and Ardian Amzoski,” said Bojan Jovanovski, defendant. Jovanovski spoke in court for two hours. Jovanovski demanded an acquittal based on evidence and not on his character and work, which he said were not so black. “I am not a saint, nor am I the most honest person in the world, but I have not guilty of anything presented here. Because I was deceived by Stefan Bogoev who I made mayor, and by Zoran Zaev and all those who took those 350 thousand euros,” he adds. Judge Efremova will rule on the case on 7 April. The prosecution demanded that everyone be convicted and that the money be returned.