Joveski: Investigation into Organisers of 27 April event to be Launched soon

Chief Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski says in an interview with MIA that the biggest oversight when it comes to the case concerning the 27 April attacks in Parliament is that there was no insight by a public prosecutor right away, when the likelihood of securing clues and evidence was bigger. “As early as during the submission of the charge, I highlighted that with that, the case hadn’t been closed and that we were taking action to clarify the criminally-legal event and criminal responsibility of perpetrators. At this time, the Prosecutor’s Office has at its disposal evidence to expand the investigation for organisers of the 27 April event. Soon, the Prosecutor’s Office will launch an investigation into them, too,” he points out. According to Joveski, the unprofessional action by the Office immediately after the attacks stalled the procedure and was a big problem. Regarding the non-action by Prosecutors Geskovska, Bikovski and Cvetanovski, he points out that a disciplinary procedure has been launched over their unprofessionalism. In the meantime, another five persons charged in relation to the case have been amnestied. They were charged with participation in a crowd. The remaining amnesty requests have been dismissed as unfounded, the Criminal Court said on Thursday.