Judge Dimiskova’s Brother Testifies in Extortion Case

Judge Vesna Dimiskova brother, lawyer Vasil Dimiskov, was the first witness at Thursday’s hearing over the Extortion case. Dimiskova is the one who’d issued a detention measure against businessperson Jordan Kamcev in the Empire case. Kamcev, in the capacity of witness in the Extortion process, had said at the start of the trial that the lawyer, too, had been part of the extortion of money in exchange for mitigating circumstances from his sister, judge in a previous procedure in the Empire process. According to Dimiskov, Kamcev, through his wife, Ana Kamceva, and Zoran Milevski, who’s already been sentenced in the case, wanted to hire him in the Empire case and thus exert influence in order for the process to be taken away from his sister. As he explained, immediately after the issuing of the detention measure against Kamcev, he was called by the businessperson’s associates. “We agreed on me calculating how much my hiring will cost. However, I realised they were trying to use me. Therefore, I offered an amount I knew they will not accept,” Dimiskov stated. Commenting on former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who’s among the suspects in the case, the lawyer said he didn’t know her personally. When it comes to suspect Bojan Jovanovski, Dimiskov said he knew him because he was a lawyer for his NGO, International Alliance.