Judicial Council Accept General Criticism on Judiciary Only

Even after the series of sharp criticisms directed by the Dutch Ambassador Kop and the President of the State Pendarovski, the members of the Judicial Council do not consider taking responsibility. The evaluations that the Council is an illegitimate body and that the members were embarrassed are unpleasant for them, but they assure that they work in accordance with the laws and call on the competent institutions if they have doubts about their work to immediately investigate them. “I will emphasize that in this whole situation we are working according to the law, I assure you that there is no violation of the law, let the competent institutions, if they have doubts, mention any corrupt elements in the public, please let the competent institutions investigate,” stated Sasko Georgiev, President of the Judicial Council. Georgiev agrees with the numerous remarks, primarily due to the lack of resolution for a large number of the subjects of the former SPO. He said that they paid special attention to this part, which is why special commissions were formed. Georgiev also said that they will soon initiate a meeting with Ambassador Kop to discuss the freezing of the Dutch project and the continuation of cooperation. Georgiev added that he does not agree with the ambassador’s views that the president of the Judicial Council was elected by a collegium and believes that the dismissal of his predecessor Vesna Dameva and his appointment as the first person on the Council were carried out legally.