Juncker, Hahn: North Macedonia ready to start EU Membership Negotiations

The PM Zoran Zaev started on Tuesday his official visit to Brussels, where he met the President of the European Commission (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn. At a mutual press conference, Juncker and Hahn congratulated Zaev on the progress made by Macedonia so far, pointing it out as the best progress example from the entire region. Both Juncker and Hahn concluded that Macedonia is ready to start the membership negotiations with the EU. “North Macedonia has fulfilled all criteria and assignments of this process, and now it is up to the EC to keep its word and open the membership negotiations with this country,” Hahn said. EC president Juncker said that Macedonia is ready for start of the membership talks, and that he will always personally pledge for its integration in the EU. PM Zaev thanked Juncker and Hahn for their support in these processes. “In only 12 months, our country implemented all reforms, as well as the agreements with our neighbours Bulgaria and Greece. This is a great success and is welcomed by the EU, and I am certain that this summer we will get a date for start of the negotiation process and opening the chapters for North Macedonia to become a full-fledged member-state of the EU,” Zaev said.