Justice Minister not Optimistic consensus will be Found over Election model

Justice Minister Renata Deskoska isn’t very optimistic that common ground will be found over the election model that would suit Macedonia the most, considering the wide spectrum of different proposals from political parties. As she said on Wednesday, when she participated in the closing conference of the project for legal protection of voter rights, the Electoral Code isn’t changed without consensus. Deskoska added that there were many opposite opinions on what the election model should look like. “We have proposals that are in favour of a single electoral district, we have proposals saying the number of six districts should be reduced, but not to one, that is, three et al. I’m already hearing in the consultations we’re having, certain experts are proposing eight districts, too. However, we’ve also heard that there are political parties demanding a majority election model. So, that is a spectrum of completely different stands and if there is no consensus, there will be no change to the election model,” the Minister stated. Regarding the talks on the Public Prosecutor’s issue, she said a new meeting hadn’t been scheduled. “The working groups are informally having contacts in a continued manner,” she stressed. According to the Minister, attempts are still underway for consensus to be reached with VMRO-DPMNE.