Justice Ministry Reacts to Levica’s Demands for Dismissal of Andov

The Ministry of Justice came out with a reaction after the calls by the political party Levica for dismissal of the Director of the Sutka Prison Filip Andov, accusing him for alleged harsh treatment of their activists during the Ilinden celebration in Krusevo. “The correctional facility department at the Justice Ministry is aware of the requested of Levica published in several media outlets calling for the dismissal of Andov. After we checked the credibility of the accusations, we concluded that first, there was not any organised visit to the celebration of Ilinden in Krusevo by employees at the Sutka Prison, and it was also determined that not a single one of the police officers working in the prison were involved in any of the incidents mentioned by Levica. These police officers do their duties in their respective correctional facilities, and have no authorities to act outside of them. If a police officer went there privately, and if he allegedly acted as described, then one cannot go on the blame the institution where they are employed or their superiors. There is also no need for politicisation of the entire event,” writes the reaction of the Justice Ministry.