Kalin Addresses MPs: Strong Commitment to Democracy, Integration and Peace

The President of the National Council of Switzerland, Irene Kalin, in her address to the Macedonian MPs, assessed that the relations between the two countries are excellent and expressed her satisfaction that after many years progress has been made in our European integration path. “With a strong commitment to democracy, integration and peace, you are sending an important message and signal to the region and beyond,” said the President of the Swiss Parliament, emphasizing that now more than ever before it is crucial to advance and defend democratic principles and unity. “We are proud of our democratic inclusive system and the strong role of the parliaments, but democracy is not an end in itself, democracy is a system that gives people voice and opportunities. Democracy is a contest of ideas, a system that benefits the majority as much as it protects minorities. It requires each of us to invest ourselves in keeping democracy alive. Democracy guarantees fundamental rights. Democracy provides rules for living together and legal certainty,” Kalin said.