Kamcev Testifies in International Alliance Case

Businessman Orce Kamcev, who was recently detained after allegedly attempting escape in relation to a case of assisting embezzlement and money laundering, appeared on Thursday as a witness in a hearing over the International Alliance case. Before the hearing, Kamcev asked to be recused as a witness from this case, stating that he cannot be a credible witness because he is under pressure by the court from the detention measure determined against him in the other case, but the Criminal Court did not accept this demand. In his testimony, Kamcev said that former Head of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office Katica Janeva and her son Lazar Janev should also be charged in this case. “They gave me a contract for alleged donation for construction of a retirement home, signed by Lazar Janev only, and I rejected it. Then I got a second contract, and I was notified that Janeva and her son have interest in this project, and that if I refuse to sign it, I shall face torture, and that is why and how the Empire case was initiated,” Kamcev said, with the defence qualifying his testimony as unnecessary for the case. President of the assembly of the NGO international Alliance Agapi Dika also testified, saying she was only signing some documents, but that she was not aware about the sums of money in question in the contracts. In this case, businessman and founder of International Alliance Bojan Jovanovski, his father Mile Jovanovski, International Alliance President Jasna Mandic and Vice-president and SDSM MP Frosina Remenski are charged for fraud and abuse of official position.