Kamcev’s Defence Sends Letter to COE Committee of Ministers

Businessperson Jordan Kamcev’s defence, in an open letter to the Council of Europe’s (CoE) Committee of Ministers, asks for international monitoring. The defence considers that the main evidence at the disposal of the Criminal Court and which is the basis for the detention order is fully illegal. Lawyer Toni Menkinoski says that despite the defence’s insistence, the Court has been refusing to disclose, submit, and present that piece of evidence to the defence. The members of the defence claim that not only has the information of the Agency for National Security not been submitted to the defence, it is contradiction with Article 43 of the Law on the Agency, according to which it can be used to initiate and direct criminal proceedings, but not as evidence in a procedure. Menkinoski also criticised “the public attacks and pressures on Mr Jordan Kamcev’s defence” through press-releases and statements.