Katica Janeva Released from Prison for New Year Weekend

Former head of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPPO) Katica Janeva has been released from prison for one weekend for the New Year holidays. This has been requested by her lawyers, and has been approved by the Criminal Court, since in accordance with the Criminal Code, Katica has already served one third of her sentence and thus is allowed a weekend leave to spend with her family. Janeva has been released on 31 December 2021, and is to return back to the Prison in Idrizovo on 3 January 2022. She is serving a 7-year sentence after she was found guilty of for abuse of official position in the Extortion case. Janeva’s weekend release follows the release from custody of Saso Mijalkov in the Vodno Plots case upon a decision from the Appellate Court, and the release from custody of Orce Kamcev in the same case due to medical emergency.