Kovacevski Addresses Session for 31st Anniversary of SDSM

Every social-democrat should be proud on the results and contributions of SDSM to the development of our country, and on becoming a party setting example for statehood, responsibility, dedication and modernity. This was stated by Prime Minister and SDSM leader Dimitar Kovacevski at the special party session for observing the 31st anniversary of the establishment of SDSM. “From the process of establishment of an independent Macedonian state, through the reforms implemented for integration in NATO and start of the accession talks with the EU, and our struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic and energy crises, SDSM was always the leader in dealing with these challenges. Thanks to our policies, we managed to stabilise the price of energy, to increase salaries and pensions, and avoid shortages of foodstuffs, all this during the crisis in Ukraine which affects entire Europe. We are also dealing with the challenge for resolving the bilateral disputes with Bulgaria for starting the EU accession talks, but in this process, we proceed to take care of our dignity as a sovereign state. SDSM shall remain the keeper of democratic values. I assure you, we shall be successful in dealing with all the challenges of the present times,” Kovacevski said before the attendants.