Kovacevski: Adoption of Constitutional Changes at Some of Next Gov’t Sessions

PM Dimitar Kovacevski announced that the initiative for constitutional changes will be
adopted at one of the following sessions of the Government. “I think we have enough time
for the adoption of the constitutional changes, we have ahead of us a period that is to be full
of debates, and we hope that the opposition will take part in those processes too. VMRO-
DPMNE already agreed to join a government of unity that will make this decision, that will
adopt the constitutional changes, so that we can successfully conclude the screening process
with the EU, and proceed to opening of the chapters for full accession. We want to close at
least two clusters of these accession negotiations, and after that we can have a parliamentary
election. We have a favourable geostrategic chance now and we should not miss it,”
Kovacevski said.