Kovacevski: Government Remains Open for Supporters of Our EU Integration

The door of the government remains open for political parties that share the values of the ruling majority for the European integration and future of the country, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said on Tuesday. “The statement I gave yesterday is no different from the one of DUI Leader Ali Ahmeti given last Sunday. I held a meeting with Leader of the Alliance for Albanians (AA) Arben Taravari in order to discuss processes important for the future of our integration in the EU. We have not spoken about cabinet reshuffle, talks were made only on level of political concepts and values that we share,” PM Kovacevski said. Last week Kovacevski first stated that he did not discuss with Taravari for AA to eventually join the government, but DUI Leader Ahmeti revealed that such talks have indeed taken place. In meantime, DUI Leader Ali Ahmeti said that new meetings with representatives of AA are expected to take place in near future. “At the moment the talks with AA are only in an initial phase and we haven’t made any concrete conclusions. If this entire process has a positive epilogue, their accession would contribute towards the stability and the constructiveness of the ruling majority,” Ahmeti said. On the other hand, AA Leader Taravari denied the information that his party is negotiating possible entrance in the ruling alliance, evaluating that information as mere speculation.