Kovacevski: I Entered Politics Because I Like New Great Challenges

PM Dimitar Kovacevski said in an interview for Kanal 5 TV that he sees the success of his recent meeting with Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov in the optimistic approach and tones they both demonstrated during it. “We spoke about possibilities to return the mutual trust between the two sides involved in this process. For the sake of good-neighbourliness and removal of the blockades, we intend to include the entire society in the processes for resolution of the conflicts, people from the sectors of business, culture, NGOs, all that can help bring the people of our countries closer together. We should reach solutions sooner, but we should also not rush things. We shall never negotiate for the Macedonian language or identity. Our government is a responsible one, and we immediately started dealing with all challenges in order to make the lives of our citizens better, which is why I selected well-renown professionals to be part of the new government. We remain prepared to discuss with the other political parties all current issues, including the one about changes to the Electoral Code and reorganisation of the country as a single electoral district,” Kovacevski said.