Kovacevski: I Will Talk to All Parties About Solution for Constitutional Amendments

“The parties should sit at the table and discuss the constitutional amendments,” Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said after some of the opposition parties from the Albanian political bloc set a condition that the wording “20 percent” in the Constitution be replaced by “Albanian language”, and in return they support the inclusion of Bulgarians and other nations in the Preamble of the Constitution. According to him, it is good to open a discussion and said that it will be necessary to sit at the same table to define a solution acceptable to all. “As soon as such a procedure is opened, when it is seen that there is a will, practically a consensual will to do it, and I see that all political parties have a positive attitude towards the constitutional changes, and even those who were expressly against them, are now saying that on the basis of certain conditions they would support constitutional changes, I think that they should sit down at the table. All political parties should state their assumptions and their position in relation to the constitutional changes and in the end a solution could be reached which would normally be acceptable to all,” said Kovacevski.