Kovacevski: If Talks Develop Well, AA Can Become Part of Ruling Majority

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski stated on Monday that the ruling majority is indeed in talks with the Alliance for Albanians (AA) for them to become part of the government. “If our talks with AA continue in good will and favourable direction, enlargement of the ruling majority is quite probable. Back on Friday, I indeed spoke to AA Leader Arben Taravari about the European future of our country, and that our alliance remains open for all political parties that share this vision with us. AA have supported so far all decisions that were important for the European future of our country, and if our talks continue in good spirits, we may as well see them entering the ruling alliance,” Kovacevski said. Last Friday, after the meeting with Taravari, Kovacevski said that they have not discussed the possibility for AA to join the government, but DUI Leader Ali Ahmeti informed otherwise on Sunday.