Kovacevski: Ilinden Is the Strength of Our Future

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski addressed on Tuesday the central celebration for the Day of the Republic – Ilinden (2 August) at the location of the Meckin Kamen monument in Krusevo. “Ilinden is the strength for our future. We give our word that the Ilinden and ASNOM ideas for bright and prosperous future of our country is active in our heads and within the generations that come after us. Like the people back in 1903 and 1944, today in 2022 we are once again united in our efforts for securing safe and prosperous future for the generations to come,” Kovacevski said. He also reminisced the words of late President Kiro Gligorov who spoke about Ilinden and ASNOM on the day when North Macedonia declared independence back on 8 September 1991, and added that the country today takes care for all its citizens, no matter their ethnicity, just like the fighters in 1903 and 1944 did for their fellow-citizens.