Kovacevski: Judiciary in North Macedonia Is Independent

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski commented in an interview for Sitel TV on the situation with the suspension of Head of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime (BPPOOC) Vilma Ruskovska and several other topics. “The judiciary in our country remains independent, and the government only creates conditions for improvement of its work. We secured good working conditions, and in the middle of a year full of crises, we increased the salaries of the employees in this sector. As part of the executive government, I cannot, but above all I do not want to, comment on the suspension of prosecutor Ruskovska,” Kovacevski said. He went on to state that the citizens recognize and support the policies for secure and European future of the country. “Serious people in serious times should remain consistent, so if I said that the only right time for elections is the regular term in 2024, that is based on facts. We first must focus on dealing with the economic and energy crises, something we remain dedicated to. Thanks to the good policies of the government, we managed to start the membership negotiations with the EU, and on 14 September we are to start the screening process. Of course, we also must make the constitutional changes for registration of the Bulgarian minority in the Constitution. Apart from them, we are also working on processes for inclusion in the constitutions of the communities of Croats, Montenegrins, Jews and Egyptians,” Kovacevski said.