Kovacevski-Michel: Historic Opportunity to Say Yes to European Union

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovacevski and the President of the European Council Charles Michel held a joint press conference after the meeting and the government session. Prime Minister Kovacevski once again confirmed the positions of the Government regarding the European proposal and pointed out that without waiting the proposal should be accepted as a historic chance for the progress of the country, because the moment has come when the day-to-day politics should be left behind and they should act responsibly. “The citizens of North Macedonia deserve to live as part of the European family, according to European standards, sharing European values. They deserve to have their voice heard from within, to be equal with all the other member states of the European Union. To have a say in making the most important decisions that affect Europe,” said Kovacevski. “With this proposal, we are clearly discussing the Macedonian language, the Macedonian language is your language, and the proposal respects that, the entire EU legislation will be translated into the Macedonian language. We are also aware of the concerns that some people have expressed regarding your national identity and you can count on my full support as President of the European Council that I will systematically stand behind your legitimate rights. Macedonians, you have a historic opportunity to say yes, yes to beginning of negotiations, yes to the EU, yes for your children, your country has the opportunity to once again become a champion in enlargement, it will introduce a new dynamic, these reforms will bring you closer to the EU, will bring stability and resilience to your people, you can count on political and financial support,” said the President of the European Council Michel.