Kovacevski: Our Foreign Policy is 100% Aligned with Those of NATO and EU

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski held on Tuesday a briefing with Ambassadors of EU member-states in North Macedonia, including the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in Skopje Julian Vassallo. Kovacevski spoke about the most important issues concerning the EU integration of North Macedonia, in context of the security crisis in Ukraine and its effects over the rest of Europe. “We all share the responsibility to make decisions fast and normalise the EU integration process. Look at what is happening in Ukraine now, the Russian military aggression resulted with hundreds of deaths, and immense pain and poverty. In a time like this, the EU demonstrates unity in its values and defence of the same, and North Macedonia completely aligns 100% of its foreign policy to those values. For us, the belated process of EU integration is a source of great systematic vulnerability, the effects of which are felt in the entire region, and malevolent actors use the chances it gives them,” Kovacevski said.