Kovacevski: We Have Stable Economic Policies Even During Crisis

In an interview with the European television network Euronews, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski spoke about current issues, the maintenance of economic stability in the country and the progress and the Government’s strategy for full membership in the EU. Kovacevski highlighted the new energy in the dialogue with Bulgaria, which will help overcome the challenges and start negotiations with the European Union. “The fight against crime and corruption has yielded results by improving our position in the reports of Transparency International, now we have become a country with democratic conditions, while in the past there were shortcomings in democratic procedures in the country, and we are very happy about this improvement,” said Prime Minister Kovacevski. He added in the interview that the macro-financial assistance of the European Union has helped a lot, not only from the perspective of pure financial assistance, but also from the aspect of continuing with the reforms we have started in the field of public financial management and other areas.