Kyuchyuk: Good Neighbourly Relations Crucial for EU Integration Process

Rapporteur for Macedonia at the European Parliament (EP) Ilhan Kyuchyuk said that he is glad that his latest report about the progress of Macedonia towards EU-integration is generally welcomed, after it was adopted with 61 votes in favour and 4 against by the Foreign Affairs Committee of EP. “I am very happy to see such great support for this report, which on 25 March will be put up on the daily order of the plenary session of EP. In this document, the importance of the good neighbourly relations is pointed out, because they are very important for the EU integration of North Macedonia, which means there cannot be progress if Skopje and Sofia cannot overcome their bilateral issues. Now it is very important for them to return the trust they gained back in 2017 with the Good-neighbourliness Agreement, because only with positive narrative there can be progress,” Kyuchyuk said.