Landsbergis: Two More Months for Positive Result During French Presidency

No country can hold the entire accession process hostage and I have mentioned this very clearly,” said Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis at a news conference after meeting with Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani. EU member states will support the start of negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia. According to him, it is high time to ask questions about the real motives. “There is probably no better time when our European values ​​have been put to the test and we are at a crossroads when we can either collapse to lose credibility or get out of it stronger. So far, Europe has always been stronger during crises and I am convinced that this time will not be different,” said Minister Landsbergis. Asked whether he would support the separation of North Macedonia and Albania in the accession process, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landsbergis said he still hoped that the next two months of the French presidency would bring positive results and that there would be no need to separate the two countries. “We would not like that to happen. I do not think that all the instruments have been used yet to prevent that so that the two countries can move together as quickly as possible,” said Landsbergis.