Laskarci case: Hearing of witnesses Starts

The hearing of witnesses in the Laskarci bus crash case started on Monday. The driver, passengers and eyewitnesses will be summoned to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office to give a statement. So far, the only passenger that has said what they saw seconds before the crash is Bejtulla Muriu. “I was in the third seat. I got up, asked whether the driver had fallen asleep or something had happened. I saw the driver holding the steering wheel firmly, I wanted to go to him to maintain direction, but he then lost direction and went to another lane,” the passenger said. There are still passengers whose condition is critical. However, five of the 24 patients at Skopje clinics will be released on Tuesday for domestic treatment because their condition has improved. Commenting on the case, VMRO-DPMNE’s Orce Gjorgjievski said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski should be held accountable over the case. In response, SDSM accused VMRO-DPMNE of abusing tragedies.